Catalysing Nigeria's Mining Industry Growth

Investment Mandate

To unlock financing to promote the growth of the Nigerian mining sector and improve economic parameters

We deploy financing instruments to catalyse private sector-led investments in Nigeria’s mining sector

We are biased towards early-stage investments to fast-track exploration and project development

We focus on improving economic parameters while ensuring a satisfactory return on funds

What Drives Us?

Our Relentless Pursuit of the Nigerian Mining Sector Growth

Expedite exploration and resource discovery in the mining sector to unlock its potential and promote private sector participation

Promote responsible mining practices, environmental sustainability, and social impact in the mining sector through partnerships and project financing

Improve livelihoods and foster sustainable growth in the mining sector by empowering artisanal miners through training, financial support, and other incentives

Offer diversified investment options across the entire mining spectrum through our SMDF Growth, SMDF Opportunities and SMDF Responsible Mining funds


We are Committed to Sustainability

Our operations are built on sustainability principles to ensure we positively impact the environment and society.

Our Partners

Driving the Nigerian mining industry impact through projects, partnerships, jobs, and funding. Join our transformative journey.
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